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A bigger more visable edge

See what you've been missing. Designed with the auto detailing professional in mind, the DRC1000's generous 1½-inch tapered and rounded edge provides greater visibility and a larger buffing edge. It's another innovation we've patented. And it's easy to see why. At 1,000 to 1,800 RPMs it won't create a knife-like edge that can quickly burn through a surface coating. What's more, the DRC's top edge tapers out where you can see it at all times, unlike traditional buffing pads.

Subaru Headlight
Subaru Headlight 2
See how easily the DRC1000 fits into this Subaru's fog light enclave. The detailer has complete view of pad's contact with the surface at all times.

DRC1000 Working on a Silverado
DRC1000 Working on a Silverado 2
The DRC1000 gives user complete visibility and angle versatility to manage this Silverado's curved bodylines.

Sprinter Van Image 1
Sprinter Van Image 2
The DRC1000 makes short work of this Sprinter van. The Black DRC foam pictured here is highly compressible and conforms to those tricky bodylines.

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