Recent DRC1000 Feedback

"Detailing the worlds finest vehicles mandates that I test, choose and detail using only the finest detailing products, tools and equipment. For the past year, I have been performing my signature "Reflow With A Piano Finish" technique on automobiles and aircraft worldwide. The DRC family of pads allow me to get that fine mirror finish on every job we do!"

~ Renny Doyle - Detailer of Air Force One

"Most of our guys have been sanding and buffing paint for several years, and one has worked on both boats and cars, here and in Florida for several years. He has been my go-to guy that trialed all the products and decided, with his crew, which products worked best. They have raved on how well the DRC1000 buffing pads work and last, and that the actually use less compound in the process. While we have not quantified per boat yet, but I can see that weekly usage is down - even though production is at the same level.

As you know we went through some extensive testing of many of the buffing pads on the market - both wool and foam, and came up with what we believe to be the best of breed system. I had also stated that we were using 100% 3M product in compounds and pads, using two different wool pads and a final pass with their black foam polishing pad. While we still use 3M compounds, we now start with a Norton wool pad, and then jump to your green 'light cut' pad, followed up by the black 'finish' pad. For spot touch-ups we will use your 'medium cut' white pad before going to the green pad."

~ Dennis Via - Thunderbird Products

"I have using the DA pad for testing for the DRC1000, I custom airbrush & paint racing helmets, motorcycles & etc. I can't believe how fast I can polish all these helmets to such a high shine!!! The DA sander I use with the small pads it works purfect on these helmets, the orbital action just brings out the best of my artwork, the ease of changing from pad to pad is great!! Heres a tip for everyone after your done ,clean the pad and put it in a ziplock bag, it keeps it nice and fresh for the next time, it sounds stupid but it works!!! Thanks for such a great products!! Customer for life!!"

~ Billy Bob Hardy , Billy Bob's Signs Somerset Kentucky

"I had the luxury of putting one of your pads to the test on Wednesday. I successfully snuck one into work for a project I KNEW would put it to the test. I was presented with a haggard looking 243 Four Winns deck boat that had seen better days. I used the yellow (firm) pad (1st because it's the only one that's the same color as the one's at work, 2nd because I wanted to use it immediately, couldn't wait for the polish) Even though I was using quite possibly the worst product (compound) you can buy, your pad soaked it up, spread it out, and distributed it evenly over the working surface. I had little to no sling, and only had to clean my pad 3 times for the entire length of the boat! VERY IMPRESSIVE. I also noticed that I didn't have to apply near as much pressure on the pad to achieve desired results. Lastly my favorite feature: BEVELED EDGES, I LOVE THEM! They made cutting in and around the many grooves boats have, seamless.

To provide myself with a comparison, I did the opposing side with one of the name-brand pads my work supplies me with, I only completed half the length of the boat and had already washed the pad three times, went through twice as much product and wore the rest! I also ended up with a VERY uneven finish, unlike the side done with DRC1000.

In any case Joe, these pads are a delight to work with and I'd like to thank you yet again for allowing me the opportunity to use them. I have no problems recommending them to others (in fact I already have, to a fellow detailer, gave him a pad to try too) Using these pads will mean less product waste, more even results and in both those cases more money in your pocket!

Thanks again Joe and you can definitely expect to hear from me in the future."

~ Melodie @ Reflections Detailing

"I am using the whole line up of DRC1000 (including the drc1000 7" proto-type which was created for DA Polishers like the Flex XC 3401 VRG which i have been testing for the DRC1000 company and i am totally impressed with the speed of correction minus the compound, polish build up in the middle of the pad! Unlike traditional flat pads which have a built up of compound these buffing pads will break down the polish without the smearing associated with compound built up. I would highly recommend these pads to the seasoned pro or your hard core enthusiast!"

~ Mario @ Eurogloss Prestige

"Video made the difference for me, using them gives me confidence that I am doing all I can do to be resourceful, good quality product.

~ Bill

"Hello Joe, I was finally able to use your buffing pads, and let me tell you they are quite impressive as you may know already. It cut my buffing time in half (no pun intended) and I used about a quarter of product of what I usually use with other traditional or improved flat pads. These things are amazing, from my experience using these foam pads, they cut better and finish better than any other out there and the price points are the same. These baby's didn't tear or shred either, which was another plus. The yellow pad did a absolute phenomenal job at cutting the clear down fast and effectively, it felt like I was using a wool pad and not a foam pad. I used my high speed rotary with the yellow pad on my lowest setting and followed up with the white and green pads on my high speed DA and finished with the black also on my DA. the results were unmatched by other pads I have used and the time I saved is priceless. Thank you for everything Joe you have a lifetime customer!

~ Kevin Trillo

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