DRC 1000 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) and Buffing Tips

Do you have general recommendations for using the different colored DRC1000 pads?

Yellow DRC1000

  1. For use on gel coat and heavily oxidized painted surfaces. Fast, durable compounding foam. 2000-grit sanding scratches can be removed easily. Compression: Very firm.
  2. For extra tough surfaces, use a high-quality wool buffing pad for step one.
  3. Follow up with White DRC, with a medium cut compound to remove buffing swirls and enhance gloss.
  4. Next use a Green DRC with polish, then a Black DRC with wax or polish.
  5. Do not use more compound or polish than necessary. Let the buffer do the work and keep RPMs moderate - 1,000 to 1,800 should suffice. Do not push down on the buffer during polishing. The weight of the machine should suffice most of the time.

White DRC1000

  1. Removes light scratches from car washes and miscellaneous marring in clear coats. Note: If you can feel the scratch by running your fingernail across it, it probably will not come out completely and can be removed only by repainting. Remember, OEM finishes use fewer mils of clear coat. So when buffing on newer vehicles, use some caution and always start with the least aggressive.
  2. Use as step two after compounding with wool pad or Yellow DRC. Removes swirl marks and adds gloss. Will remove scratches from 2000-grit and finer sanding. This is a very durable foam for compounding and polishing.
  3. Durable long-lasting foam for use on all surfaces from wood to gel coat. Compression ratio: Firm. Will compress into grooves, but use caution as this foam is still a cutting grade.

Green DRC1000

  1. Green foam can be used on all surfaces. It is great for following the White DRC and also for light scratches from car washes, hand washing or just removing a light haze from the elements. It is an excellent gloss enhancer.
  2. Durable foam recommended for medium to light scratches. Compression ratio: Medium. Will compress into style lines, grooves or gaps very easily.

Black DRC1000

  1. Great for final finish work or general waxing and polishing. A perfect fit after the Green DRC with wax or polish. Could use for delicate surfaces with a compound or polish on all types of surfaces.
  2. A very durable long-lasting foam for use as a finish buffing pad.
  3. Compression ratio: Soft. Will easily compress into any style line, groove or gap.

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