The Original Pad Conditioner

Sabo Industries introduced the industry's first buffing pad conditioner

Cleans both foam and wool buffing pads in seconds.

See how quickly the Pad Conditioner works.

Foam and wool buffing pads often cake up with compound residue. The only solution used to be replacing the dirty pads or washing them. Either way, you had to bring everything to a stop to correct the pad situation.

But that was before Sabo Industries invented and patented the industry's first Pad Conditioning Brush. It permits quick, easy and efficient pad cleaning - without removing the pad from the buffer. You can do the job in just seconds and be back on the panel.

Safe, effective and ergonomically correct, the Pad Conditioner has been meeting the pad cleaning needs of detailers throughout the U.S., Canada and Europe since 1998.

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     U.S. PATENT NO. 6,783,448        MADE IN USA