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Thursday, August 25 2011

Thunderbird Products maker of Formula Performance Watercrafts are now using the DRC1000 Centrifugal Foam Buffing pads on their new boats with Custom striping buried in Imron 2K Clear Coats.  The FINISHES are absolutely Awesome!  The professional Detailers there have made some remarkable findings while using the DRC1000 System and actually removed 1 step of polishing by switching over to our system!  Please see the below response regarding their testing.


"Most of our guys have been sanding and buffing paint for several years, and one has worked on both boats and cars, here and in Florida for several years.  He has been my go-to guy that trialed all the products and decided, with his crew, which products worked best.   They have raved on how well the DRC1000 buffing pads work and last, and that the actually use less compound in the process.    While we have not quantified per boat yet, but I can see that weekly usage is down - even though production is at the same level..


As you know we went through some extensive testing of many of the buffing pads on the market - both wool and foam, and came up with what we believe to be the best of breed system.  I had also stated that we were using 100% 3M product in compounds and pads, using two different wool pads and a final pass with their black foam polishing pad.  While we still use 3M compounds, we now start with a Norton wool pad, and then jump to your green "light cut" pad, followed up by the black "finish" pad.  For spot touch-ups we will use your "medium cut" white pad before going to the green pad. "  Dennis Via, Thunderbird Products.


We are excited to have a part in the High Quality Water Craft that Thunderbird Products builds!   See them at www.formulaboats.com .


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