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A Patented Detailing Breakthrough from Sabo Industries

Monday, March 30 2009


Gary Sabo
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Revolutionary design eliminates saturated centers and smearing to improve detailing performance, preserve compound and save time.

SPRING LAKE, MICHIGAN - After extensive testing in its own auto repair facility, West Michigan Auto Body, a division of Sabo Industries, Inc. has patented and is introducing a new foam buffing pad with a diagonally recessed center (DRC). The patented design eliminates the problem of saturated centers which has plagued auto detailing professionals for years.

An old-style buffing pad pulls compound into its center, quickly saturating it and leading to center smearing which obscures vision of the true condition of the panel surface. This keeps compound from the main working area of the pad where friction can break it down. The DRC1000 replaces this slow-moving and non-working center with a diagonally recessed center which solves the problems of center saturation and smearing.

As the DRC1000 rotates at high speed, the centrifugal force created pushes compounds out onto the working area of the pad where they can be broken down and used efficiently - not collected in the center where there is insufficient friction to break them down.

With an 8.5-inch diameter, the DRC1000 has a large working area to do the real work of buffing. The outer periphery of the 1.5-inch thick pad angles back to create a usable surface edge for easy access to thin style lines and other hard-to-reach areas on today's sleek vehicles. The edge is a slightly rounded working surface so at 1,000 - 1,800 RPMs it won't create a knife-life edge that may burn through a surface coating.

Another advantage is that the edge is on the top working surface so it is visible at all times.

The DRC 1000's Velcro backer is recessed to protect the backing disc from the work surface and assist in pad alignment. A 7/8-inch centering hole makes is easy to center the pad on the backing disc for top-side alignment.

Sabo Industries is owned and operated by the Sabo family, and their combined experience in auto repair and detailing totals nearly a century. A decade ago, when the industry had no real solution to the problem of cleaning buffing pads, the company invented another industry-first - the Pad Conditioning Brush. Today, this patented tool is sold throughout the United States, Canada and Europe.

American made, the DRC1000 is the latest innovation of Sabo Industries. It is strong evidence of the company's commitment to the industry, and yet another reason why it enjoys a solid reputation for quality, craftsmanship, honesty and integrity.

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