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Four high-grade, long-lasting foam pads available in 8.5-inch and 6-inch diameters.
Heavy Cut

Recommended RPM's 1000-1800

Compression Ratio: Very Firm

Aggressive Cutting Action

Use for fiberglass gel coat applications or heavily oxidized painted surfaces. Color sanding scratches can be removed easily with appropriate compounds.

For more information, see our FAQs and Tips section.

Available in 8.5-inch diameter.

Medium Cut

Recommended RPM's 1000-1800

Compression Ratio: Firm

Use for removing scratches and as a follow-up to wool pad or Yellow DRC1000 buffing pad. Works very fast and will level texture on freshly baked paint. The more you use it, the more applications you will find for it.

For more information, see our FAQs and Tips section.

Available in 8.5-inch and 6-inch diameters.

Light Cut

Recommended RPM's 1000-1800

Compression Ratio: Medium

Use for gloss enhancement on clear coats or non-clear coat (single-stage). Works well on car wash scratches, hand wash scratches, light oxidation. Use after White DRC1000 foam buffing pad with polishing compound or wax. Get fast results on all surfaces. This is our most versatile pad.

For more information, see our FAQs and Tips section.

Available in 8.5-inch and 6-inch diameters.

Finish / Wax

Recommended RPM's 1000-1800

Compression Ratio: Soft

Use for application of finishing polish, wax or sealants. Attain spectacular professional results with minimal effort. Delivers superb compression and conformity to contours and light buff areas.

For more information, see our FAQs and Tips section.

Available in 8.5-inch and 6-inch diameters.


DRC-1000 Pro-Series Foam Pads

Recommended for Rotary and Orbital Machines

Sabo Industries Inc. is excited to bring you the latest addition of foam buffing pads with DRC Technology (DRC-T.) For two years, we worked extensively to choose foams and develop a pad that Professional Detailers and Weekend Warriors alike can use on a variety of machines.

We have integrated accessibility and performance, with four of the most versatile foams available! There is not another pad in the industry that can bring you all that the DRC1000 pad has to offer in these two crucial areas.

Choose a Pro-Series Orange and a cutting compound and you will be able to remove 2-3000 grit scratches. Choose an Orange with a polish and see mirror finishes, ready for final stages! These pads are not for everyday user, they are professional grade foams designed with the seasoned Weekend Warrior and the Professional Detailer in mind.

All Pro Series pads have a 5.25 inch diameter Velcro

Heavy Cut

  • Recommended rpms: 800-1200 rotary, 4-5 speed on orbital machines
  • Compression: firm - medium to hard surface tension
  • Care should be taken when polishing in small contours
  • Aggressive cutting action

This foam is very versatile. Some users have finished with this foam with excellent results, however, we recommend using as stage one to remove sand scratches or everyday wear. The compression of this foam will vary as the foams warms during use. It is firm when cold and will conform and compress more as it warms. This is a popular choice of professional detailers.

Medium Cut

  • Recommended rpms: 800-1200 rotary, 4-5 speed on orbital machines
  • Compression: Medium-light surface tension
  • Will conform to contours, but be aware of the edges
  • Medium cutting action with a matching compound

This foam is designed for light to moderate scratches. It is recommended as a stage two following use of the Orange pad. The professional may find others uses for this foam as it is durable and can achieve many results with the correct compound choice.

Light Cut

  • Recommended rpms: 800-1200 rotary, 4-5 speed on orbital machines
  • Medium to light cutting action
  • Compression: light with little to no surface tension
  • Conforms to contours very well
  • Recommended as Stage 2 or 3

This is our most versatile foam. It is very durable and can be used as stage two following wool or as stage three following natural. It could even be used as stage four if needed. Technique, compound and polish selection will determine its place in your lineup.


  • Recommended rpms: 800-1200 rotary, orbital speed is user preference. We use 4-5
  • Finish foam - final stage
  • Compression: soft
  • Conforms to contours very well.

This foam is very soft and works well as stage four. On a rotary or an orbital machine the results are phenomenal!

Pro-Series Tips

  • We recommend using two of the same color during your work sessions, do 1-2 panels and switch pads to allow a rest period. As these new machines are giving us faster results, they also transfer heat into the pad. The glue bond between the Velcro Loop and the Foam is also effected by heat, swap them out will minimize the heat exhaustion of a pad.
  • Do not allow any cleaning chemicals to reach the glue bond, surface cleaning is encouraged, but soaking in a cleaner is not.
  • Surface Tension: When squeezed from top to bottom, the pad will compress with various force. We found the surface tension is related to how well the foam cuts. A lighter surface tension produces a lighter cutting property in the foam pads. This also allows the foam to easily conform to contours. Although the PPi (pores per inch) and the physical makeup of the foam is the key, if you don't have that information then surface tension can give you a hint of its cutting ability. Some of our foams with the same PPi will cut differently and can be singled out due to the stiffness, or surface tension, of the foam.
  • Light surface tension: With little effort, the foam will compress the surface and continue to compress with light pressure.
  • Medium surfaces tension: with light pressure, the surface will take a small effort to begin to dent or compress.
  • Heavy surface tension: with medium pressure you will find the surface start to dent or compress.
  • Please use the correct diameter backing plate, any backing plate used with the DRC10000 Pads needs to touch the Velcro or the outer edge of the disc could cut into the foam and cause failure.

Quickly clean and maintain your buffing pads with The Pad Conditioner®.

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